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Great Wedding Venues In Seattle

Are you looking for some great places to host your wedding? Here are some of the locations that Pastor Matt has recently officiated at. 


Great FREE Wedding Venues near Seattle or Auburn


It happens- sometimes you want to get married quickly, or with very few guests, but you want it be different than just standing in a courthouse or someone's back yard. If you are looking for a venue that is that is Free for your wedding you should try one of these places in and around Seattle that Pastor Matt has done a wedding. 




The Kybota Gardens - Located in South Seattle, The Kubota Gardens is a fantastic venue with a large display of natural foliage and flowers. For a total wedding party of about 10 people, this free location is top notch!


Gas Works Park  Depending on the time of day, Gas Works Park is a wonderful venue in Seattle with sweeping views and a memorable location for you wedding. You don't want to do it the night of the fireworks, but during the day its nice. - 


Kerry Park- On Queen Anne Hill, Kerry Park has historically been a place for first kisses and last dates. This place is memorable if you want the most scenic view in all of Seattle as the backdrop for your wedding!


Sunset Hill Park- In North Seattle- Ballard. This park is in a residential neighborhood, but has breathtaking views of the sound-




Flaming Geyser- There's not really any flames- but great grassy knolls and riverfront views. Great all year round!


Dykstra Park- If you want to get married on a picturesque bridge over a River- this place is great!


Roegner Park- Very basic park, but very secluded. Lots of greenery and privacy. This place is sweet.

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