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Seattle Christian Wedding Officiant

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Pastor Matt officiate my wedding?

That depends. Are you a Christian? Do you both believe that marriage is ordained by God? Do you want God to bless your union and to have it officiated by a Christian Minister? If either you or your spouse are not Christians, Pastor Matt will not officiate your wedding.  The Bible says not to marry an unbeliever, so this is the only requirement that Pastor Matt will not budge on. You both must consider yourselves Christians. You do not have to attend church, or be members of a church to meet this requirement. If you have any questions about this, please contact him directly.

 How does the process work to get Pastor Matt to Officiate my Wedding?

1.        Contact him and see if he is available.- if he is not available, Pastor Jay, also from Faith and Victory church will contact you and discuss options. 

2.        Meet with Pastor Matt (as many times as necessary) to discuss your wedding

3.        Have Pastor Matt come to your rehearsal.

4.        Have Pastor Matt  officiate your wedding. 


Can Pastor Matt Officiate a Wedding in my County?

Yes. Pastor Matt is a Licensed Official in 50 states. 


How long has Pastor Matt officiated weddings?

Since the year 2000


About how many weddings does Pastor Matt officiate per year?

Because he is now a full-time Pastor, he typically can only do about 5-10 per year.


What training has Pastor Matt had?

Pastor Matt has been preaching since he was 16 years old and holds degrees in Psychology, Youth Ministry, Christian Education, and a graduate degree in Biblical Studies.


Will Pastor Matt come to my location to do a ceremony?

Typically he will travel any  where to do a wedding. Of course outside of the Puget Sound region can add considerable more cost. (He is still waiting for the invite to Maui)


What type of ceremonies will Pastor Matt perform?

The only ceremonies he will perform is Christian Weddings between a man and woman. The exact outline of the ceremony will be decided with you and him.


What are his rules as to photography ?

Take as many as you want!


Is pre-marital counseling required?

While it is not required, it is highly encouraged. Pastor Matt can provide this service. Please contact him for details.


Does he have references?

Yes, upon request Pastor Matt will give you emails and phone numbers of people you can contact.


What are the fees charged?

Pastor Matt does not charge fees. Typically, people bless him with honorariums based on the size and scope of the wedding. In the past, people have usually gave honorariums such as


$75. For a wedding at his home in Covington- This is an informal wedding with standard vows.

$125-300. (based on mileage) For a wedding at your location in Puget Sound area- No rehearsal, Informal with no guests. Witnesses only. Standard Vows and ceremony.

$350-500 (based on mileage) For a wedding at your location in Puget Sound Area. Including planning meeting at his home in Covington, attendance at rehearsal, formal wedding ceremony and personal/traditional vow creation.

$500-600 (based on mileage) For a wedding at your Location in Puget Sound Area. This would Include a planning meeting at your location, pre-marital counsel, attendance and coordination of rehearsal, a formal wedding ceremony, communion,  and personal/traditional vow creation

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